Hi Classy People,

Summer is a time for relaxation and fun, so going from the sunny beach to the fresh pool is related to a few essentials. Colors and styles may change based on each year’s trends, but their presence is the key for a perfect day. Check out these 10 timeless yet up-to-date, Summer must-haves.


Sunglasses: Summer collections for sunglasses are usually very different from the Fall lines. They are more colorful and unusual, begging for the sun’s attention.


Nail Polish: During Summer, going from the Sea or the pool to the shower daily can make your nails weaker. Avoid that by polishing them and make sure you choose the right colors. Since your skin gets darker, your nails will look good in lighter, pastels and vibrant neons.


Beach Dress. An easy dress over your swimsuit is more comfortable and stylish than anything else. Besides Maxi dresses, crochet dresses take all the credit this year.


Lip Care: Dry lips can be painful and will not allow you to apply a regular lipstick or gloss. Don’t let the hot weather mess them up. Get a protection lip balm with a good SPF.


Accessories: Summer is the perfect season for you to go crazy with accessories, so bring it on. Long earrings, statement necklaces, multiple rings, and huge bracelets are the way to go.


Swimwear:  A bikini or a one-piece swimsuit is the core of Summer. Choose a good statement piece that enhances your best features.

Summer Hat: To protect yourself from the hot sun is imperative. Choose a stylish straw hat for a safe and glamorous Summer.

Sunscreen A sin not to demand it. A sunscreen with a high SPF is mandatory for a perfect safe Summer.

Beach Towel: A colorful and comfortable towel can enhance the spirit. Choose a fun print or a vibrant color to complement the light of the day.

Journal: Summer is the season where the routine can be badly broken. People get to see new ones while their old friends might give a call. Visiting new places and playing games you forgot you were good at, so a summer Journal will preserve those memories. Just make sure you write what you want to remember at the end of each day.


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