Good Morning Classy People,

The last week of December is full of emotions between exchanging gifts and New Year’s wishes. Nothing is seeming more comforting than priceless moments.
Therefore, it’s always a priceless moment to share a piece of positive news this year!


Yves Rocher is the most popular beauty brand in Morocco.
Born French but grew up in several Francophone countries, it precisely knows spectacular popularity in Morocco.
Moroccan women can recognize a Yves Rocher product from its scent, so you can imagine how they are emotionally attached to the brand.

Yves Rocher is a plant-based beauty brand and friendly to the planet by promoting recyclable packaging and having a foundation to preserve nature.
Yves Rocher has always been associating its products with the color green, so it decided to create a meaningful program in 2007.
The program is to plant one hundred million trees before the end of the year, and the last semester of 2020 carried the great news of reaching the goal!


The customers have played a dominant role in this green achievement because each product they bought is worth one planted tree by the Yves Rocher Foundation.

Today, thanks to more than a million people involved in the field, ONE tree is planted every 3 seconds!



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