Hello Classy People,

Netflix has created robust connections among each country that has the potential of the influential film industry. Turkey is indeed one of the most powerful countries in the world when it comes to TV SERIES, but this moment’s best ones are not available on NETFLIX.


It became a LABEL ladies and gentlemen! This Tv series is still on the top of the shart as NUMBER 1 most-watched.
THE PIT is its English title, has this year touched a considerable European audience, such as Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, and France.
The cast became invincible, so familiar with one another, and smooth in their performances.
This series is worth your time every week because its sarcastic, funny and has enigmas that only smart minds would catch.



Gathering a sharp lead of actors for a TV SERIES is uniformly a risk. The power of money and how capitalism is taking over the simplest movements of somebody’s life are demonstrated through the main characters.
Human relationships and their strength in front of society are frequently set into the test. What’s the right step to take after committing the wrong one?
The story is up to date, and the romance is not boring at all. We see a bright future ahead for the team, and we cross fingers for more seasons.



Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir & RAMO
Two Tv series that own different natives but have some common points.
Inspired by real people, Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir and Ramo tells us situations that happened in a certain period in Istanbul and Adana.
Family sacrifices, Awkward marriage, and unfortunate life situations that keep coming day after day into their lives are all being exposed in each episode.
We are still trying to figure out the rhythm of both these tv series, but we first wish them a solid first season, and we’ll see from there.



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