Good Morning Classy People,

A high number of young people have been through their first month of university now, so they are exploring themselves as individuals and discovering managing their lives away from their parents.

University students must enjoy this chapter of their lives, and we must help them as much as we can.

Classy Addiction wants university students to inaugurate their life on campus by decorating their dormitory room. It is necessary to love the area we live in, so get on your feet and create a bright interior!

Considerating the fact that the majority of university students don’t have the money to spend on crazy decorations ideas, we thought of what’s pretty and practical.

MIRROR ON THE WALL: A dorm’s room space is always narrow, so extend it by creating an illusion. Besides helping to validate your look from head to toe, a tall mirror on the wall is a perfect piece to create the illusion of infinite space and to reflect more light into the room. Make sure you place it near your window to reinforce the illusion, furthermore to help you see yourself clearly.
Have the smart move to add a led light strip to frame your mirror for a beautiful ambiance at night.


CURTAINS AND CARPET: These two are more attractive when they match each other, so make sure you get them both in the same color. Hang the bar of your curtains at the highest line of the wall, so it creates the illusion of higher ceilings, and then check that the length of the curtains stops a few inches above the floor.


PAINT THE WOOD: You will probably find wood in your bed, your closet and desk. Paint it with the same color as the wall, so it will nearly look transparent and inexistent. This illusion will not only help your room look bigger, but it will give it a magical cool touch by making you see your bed’s mattress and books floating in emptiness.


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