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The unpleasant side of Summer is possibly folding many incidents, but we shall all agree that the frequent nightmare is a sunburn!
Tanning is one of the main activities of the majority’s summer schedule, so what to do when it’s ruined?

The first action to take after a sunburn is to let the skin embrace cold water for 20 minutes. Whether it’s by filling up a bathtub or turning on a showing in its minimum strength, you shall make sure you don’t shock your skin while it’s sensitive.
Note that cold water doesn’t mean icy water, verify its temperature because it shouldn’t’ be under 15°C.


The second step hydration. Sunburn causes skin dryness, which can cause several damages if you neglect it.
Apply a nice amount of moisturizing lotion on your body and cream on your face and then tenderly massage until you feel it is absorbed completely.


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The third move is to stop sun exposure for at least three days.
Help your skin heal by applying sunscreen, even if you are not exposing it to the sun, and let it peel by itself in case it starts.

Remember to drink lots of water, and you will be fine after a week.
You might want to take advantage of this tanning break by treating your hair, reading some books, and cooking.


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