Hello Classy People,

The excitement of wearing summer clothes might crush down the moment we feel the heat. Summer looks are mainly about freshness, so how to keep the style game on by not avoiding wearing what fashion has to offer?



A patterned short and a single color top is one of the most accessible summer outfits, and it yet can save you from looking like the majority.
You start by picking up any patterned short you see in your closet, recognize its dominant color, and then choose the top in that color.
Make sure your bag and shoes are in the same color as your top, or they have similar vibes as the pattern.


A style made for summer, it always seems that BOHEMIAN style can only fit the hot season.
It is relaxed, colorful, and inspires the festive holiday mood.
One of the less complicated outfits to wear is shorts/pants with a top and a kimono cardigan overall.
Most of the kimono cardigans are colorful, so you better choose a single color combination under it, except if one of the pieces has the same colors as the kimono.

The bag and the shoes must be in similar shades as the look, but make sure you add as many suitable accessories as possible.



Nothing is better than a dress when it comes to special summer events. Wearing a dress, and a pair of heels is one of the ultimate combinations for a date at the restaurant or a classy gathering.
Make sure you carry a small bag, so it doesn’t take out credits from the outfit.






Cover Courtesy: Melody Jacobs


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