Hello Classy People,

I know that winter doesn’t encourage you to put effort into your look, and I do read your messages saying that you wish could go out with your teddy bear pajama in such cold weather.
The little voice inside you takes second to manipulate your entire mood, so don’t take more than that to contradict it.

Classy Addiction will take away the fog from your closet to help you see FOUR OUTFITS to rock this winter.
Winter is lived differently from a country to another, so we suggest variation in our proposals.



Stockings and a winter dress are two easy pieces to give you lovely results. A hat and a bag are the exact accessories to add to not ruin the outfit, wear sneakers if you desire a casual look and boots if you want a chic one.




A top and a skirt are ideal in places where winter is not grey, rainy, and snowy. The first suggestion is to add a cardigan to complete the look because nobody knows when Boreas will blow, and the second suggestion is to style your winter top over the shoulders until you feel the need to wear it.
Mini boots go perfectly with these looks, and black stockings are optional.



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