Hello Classy People,

Minors are the heads who think a suit can create a gentleman. In a world where everybody is trying to show off, it is noteworthy to understand the clues to spot one.
From concrete behaviors to abstract details, a gentleman is easily able to stand out from regular fellas. Open your eyes, have a look around you, and see if you recognize someone compatible with our Classy Addiction hints.


A gentleman never throws himself on a woman brutally. He would take his time to observe, to know the woman, and to read her signals before stepping forward.
He would never take advantage of a drunk or a desperate woman. He would decline a woman’s offer in the most polite ways when he is not interested, and he would respect a woman’s decision if she rejects him.


Painter : John Singer Sargent

A gentleman would never talk about his intimacy with others. He would never share details about any woman’s story with anyone, and he would never disgrace her in public.
He is a secret keeper when it comes to family and friends as well, and he tends to preserve his professional activities only for him and his concerned team.


Painter : Giulio Rosati

A gentleman would never lead a woman towards danger, or a suspicious environment, he will always make sure she is safe whenever and wherever.
Even in his highest states of anger towards a woman, he would never raise his hand, kick her out of the car or from the house, and would never leave her to go by herself heartbroken.
A gentleman’s eyes are never on a woman’s wallet and properties, whatever material ownership under her name exclusively regards her.
They don’t ask financial help from women because gentlemen are vital providers, being the ones who handle the bills while in a woman’s company is in their deoxyribonucleic acid.


Painter : Adam Styka

A gentleman would open the doors for a woman, assist her to her chair, and offer his jacket if she feels cold.
He is the arm and the hand she can lay on when needed because he always makes sure that a woman feels secure in his presence.


Painter : Gustavo Simoni

A gentleman is always extra careful when it comes to promises and actions. He would never sell dreams to anyone, and would proudly decline an offer when it is out of his limits.
He chooses the people to be around and the places to attend vigilantly.
He doesn’t want his name to be associated with anyone or anything related to dirtiness.
A gentleman not only tries to be the best version of himself but the best version of MAN.



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