Hello Classy People,

Several individuals are losing their jobs due to the present economic crisis. The Coronavirus situation has dragged down many people’s projects and professional activities, so what can help them be busy again and gain money as fast as possible?

Classy Addiction is not considering jobs necessitating a diploma because those are worthless during an economic crisis.
The list we are suggesting demands the will to work, determination, and smart management of time and expenses.

Our seven suggestions will help you gain quick money, which means not waiting till the end of the month to get paid.


Courtesy : Aysun Kahraman Öktem


Whether you decide to work full or part-time, organize your schedule regarding neighborhoods with many dog owners.
Start with a low number of dogs if it’s your first time, then build your pack gradually.
A petsitter is mostly needed when the pet owner is traveling somewhere. You need to take care of one or several pets until their owners are back.
Only welcome one pet if you have a small space, and make sure you have everything for a comfortable stay. The most common pets to petsit are dogs, cats, birds, hamsters.


Courtesy : Ella Olsson

You receive a weekly list of recipes from your client with the timing of each meal, and then you have to make them.
People with busy schedules or with health issues will potentially be your principal clients.
It’s necessary to be extra careful with hygiene and organization because they are the main engine of this activity.


Courtesy : La Miko

The DO IT YOURSELF chores need a person with a toolbox and delicacy in the brain and the hands.
Whether you are painting a wall or attaching a door, fixing something around a home or any place is a daily need.
If people can’t or don’t want to do it themselves, they prefer to work with an individual than a company because it’s cheaper.
It’s preferable to print business cards of flyers, so your potential clients can precisely know which chores you can do.


A profile famous for working on Tv is now active in private parties, hotels, and events.
Whether it’s a small or big gathering, animating is making everyone feel comfortable and chases the awkwardness away.
Be a happy spirit and full of energy to work as a compere.
You can either work alone and be creative while thinking of activities and material to entertain a group of people or collaborate with other individuals or an event company to expand the list of materials and ideas.


Courtesy : Norma Mortenson

People around the world are more open to delivery. From food to groceries, people are calling someone to deliver something every day.
You either need a motorcycle or a car to be more efficient and a phone to stay connected.


Courtesy : fauxels

You need to have lovable social skills and a list of diverse contact from different fields because your entire work is about coordinating and connecting people to link them professionally.
It’s necessary to spot the potential between the two parts before connecting them by detecting the common interests of their professional activities.
Example: Linking a restaurant owner with a juice maker.
Remember that you are only responsible and paid for connecting professional profiles and that their success or failure must not affect your activity.


A social profile to take care of humans, so you should be patient, a good listener, and a calm person for such activity.
Taking care of others is always sensitive and demands mental efforts more than anything else.
You plan your hours and material according to the age of the human you are working with, but you will most of the time need toys, books, and board games as essentials with everyone.










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