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A basic daily skincare routine has to bless your skin day and night. Good looking skin is a result of regular maintenance, so it’s essential to at least follow basics.

Classy Addiction‘s collaboration with ASTORIA has the purpose of showing you that the large availabilities in the beauty market can’t leave your skin without solutions.
Whether it’s medical or cosmetics skin products, you must read and search before investing.

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A skin type is a myth. It’s nice to be aware that your skin’s state can change from a city to another.
Buy your products according to the actual state of your skin, and use them as indicated on the instructions.



Look at yourself in the mirror and touch your skin to feel it. In case you are wearing makeup, it’s preferable to remove it by using makeup remover wipes or micellar water before the cleanser.
Examine your skin after your first rinse, and don’t hesitate washing it over if you sense the need.

A toner will create a balance by regulating oily and dry and allowing your skin to have a standard freshness after being washed.

A serum is mostly a concentrated product. It helps tighten the skin, closes pores, and provides necessary vitamins.
A specific eye treatment must not be neglected since the majority of products forbid you to use them anyplace around the eye.

Examine your skin now and define its state. If you feel it’s dry, then apply a moisturizing cream. If you feel it’s oily, then utilize a hydrating cream.



This basic skincare routine is supposed to be applied twice a day, it’s essential to add protection in the morning, which is a sunblock.

All the products introduced in the videos are available at ASTORIA. You can go directly to the beauty shop, or order online through a DM.



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