Hello Classy People,

People around the world are more and more swimming in a fresh wave, so only ordering a salad at a restaurant became very common.
Following a healthy lifestyle started to be a priority for many families, which makes them predisposed to obey any advice that comes their way.

SALADS gained unbelievable fame as a healthy diet best friend, which pushes people to order them on the menu.


Each salad is composed of different components that are vegetables most of the time and then a sauce to add some flavor. A restaurant’s salad must be well dressed, so they add pasta or something similar. Therefore, most of the plates will hold 1000 calories and 50g of fat minimum, considering supplements as cheese, oils, croutons, nuts, cream, sugar, fried chicken, etc.

If you are not making it then skip eating it:
It is essential to keep in mind that a healthy salad exists in the kitchen, from buying vegetables and herbs from trustful suppliers to dosing ingredients.
You are the only cook who can make the best salad for your body unless you want to consume it as a cheat meal.

Long story short, I please myself whenever I go out to eat. Ordering a salad in a restaurant is never powered by a healthy lifestyle intention. I choose whatever attracts me on the menu whenever I’m at a restaurant because the majority of my meals are home-cooked.


PHOTO CREDIT : Valeria Boltneva






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