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School subjects have been the center of jokes for so many years because they resume the entire education is a few materials, and they provide the same type of experience to different brains.
Little people spend ten years, at least learning imposed knowledge by the ministry of education and then believe choosing when they decide to continue their academic journey beyond high school.


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Some countries, such as Norway, have decided to stand out and focus on investing much more energy to stay updated regarding education and academic knowledge. Therefore, they try to break the routine and discover new pedagogies every single year because humans are changeable with time.

While the majority of this world’s countries are attached to the same school subjects and teaching materials, Australia is stepping out of the box to be distinguished for taking a new step in its educational system.


Stella Maris College of Sydney is valuing one of the most practical knowledge that can serve young fresh brains, which is vital LIFE SUBJECTS.
The college welcomed Galmatic to do a vital life skills workshop for teenage girls, which helped them learn how to change a car’s wheel.


Courtesy : Facebook/Stella Maris College


We can’t get over the wonderfulness of such an initiative, and we hope more schools in the world praise similar ones.

Classy Addiction has a list of 10 topics that will not only change young people’s school experience but will help out building their strong personalities.

  • Teach the meaning of bills and how to pay them.

  • Teach the purpose of taxes and their differences.

  • Teach how to fix broken things in the house.

  • Teach adaptable products to clean each material: wood, glass.

  • Teach how to cook elementary recipes. 

  • Teach how to fold and iron clothes.

  • Teach the function of each public administration, and how does it serve people’s interests.

  • Teach how to react during an emergency.

  • Teach self-defense.

We strongly believe that each country has a strict responsibility to invest in its citizen and teaching practical subjects of life will be one major touch to any educational system.










Cover Courtesy : August de Richelieu



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