Greetings Classy People,

International media is still highlighting events happening in the United States of America regarding the way Mister George Floyd has given his last breath.

The way this American citizen died has outraged his family, community, and then the entire country.
The video of a white police officer related to a black person’s death is not new, but it seems that the last one has provoked more tension because people were already on their nerfs.




The lockdown due to the Coronavirus situation has made people angrier and on the tip of an emotional explosion, so whatever is going to happen during this period will be taking a thousand times more severely.

No distraction such as a job, school, or a night at the bar is occupying people right now. Therefore, their entire focus is on any action that can attract massive attention.
George Floyd’s case has not only emerged to be black people’s case but all minorities, and all the world.



People are translating George’s death as a racist action, and they are not tolerating it.
#BLACKLIVESMATTER is the trendiest hashtag in the United States right now, and it encouraged waves of people to go outside and protest against racism.

From people who think that each one must mind his own business because justice will eventually find its way to people who believe that this is everybody’s business because the law is not being fair.
Different opinions are rising within one country, and some ways of expressing it are going out of hand.



Some protestors have been wild while expressing their state of mind by burning and damaging everything on their way, while others peacefully express themselves.
Overly concluding that the majority are not silencing the matter, and are reacting today more than any other day.

All lives matter indeed, but today’s context is focusing on black lives because of some historical facts and the accumulation of years of similar unfortunate events.
Racism is an offensive act, and the world still has people who adopt it.
Tolerating it now is not healthy and will cause more damages later, but being violent and going wild while expressing yourself is only going to promote hate and divide more than it unites.


The United States of America is one of the most renowned countries in the world, and its potential stands on diversity, so everyone needs to stand together to keep such a reputation but in the wisest ways.

Speak up if you feel that something is wrong, and feel the other even if he doesn’t belong to your community. Each person is a significant element of this world, and if somebody doesn’t feel that, then there is something wrong with all of us.
It’s just sad to see the lack of acceptance within one race, the human race. An action doesn’t disappear by itself, so it’s only with people’s effort that we can change something.






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