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Gifts related to the period of festivities might seem like a challenge for lots of people, it’s totally about taking a deep breath and planning.
Whether it’s regarding Christmas gifts or New Year’s ones, the dates of exchanging gifts depend on each cultural environment. Therefore, you have to make a list of the people you want to treat this season and give them their presents according to their cultural believes.

December gifts are different than weddings and birthday gifts because you need to present something relevant to new beginnings. These sorts of gifts should remind the receiver that this year is over, and what’s she/he is holding between her/his hands is a tool to step into the new year.

This phase of the year symbolizes turning pages, so a letter is more valuable than a diamond. Invest a mattering amount of time to touch what interests each person of your list.

Classy Addiction is thrilled to give some pointers to help out:


People who knew difficult times this year might need something positive related to sad memories. Maybe they lost a loved one, so wouldn’t it be great: to go clean up the grave and put some flowers? / to design an album with cute photos and captions of the person who passed away?



People who knew spectacular times this year might need something to help them keep up. Maybe they got married or a qualified professional experience, so wouldn’t it be great: to present a gym membership? / to gift a holiday in a country completely different than their environment?


People who are crazy fans about specific things or people. So wouldn’t it be great: to offer them tickets related to an event linked to their idols? / to give them articles signed by their icons?



People who marked you personally this year might deserve a thank you. So wouldn’t it be great: to invite them to the place where they helped you and have a coffee talk? / to cook a meal and invite them over? / to send them flowers with a letter?






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