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Under the wings of THE TRACK OF DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION led by Mister Youssef Assemahli, a partnership was built with the COMMUNITY OF THE CHILDREN OF RAHMOUN to celebrate Moroccan culture in general, the DOUKKALA-ABDA region in particular.

This partnership is more than four years old, and its chief goal is to honor Moroccan heritage and culture via organizing many activities throughout the year.



SIDI ISSA FESTIVAL is one of the most popular activities of the partnership. It is organized in the traditional Moroccan way as known as L’MOUSSEM. It means an open invitation to each person who loves to discover an aspect from the Moroccan culture.

The organizers have started by inviting people to have lunch in the traditional Moroccan tents. Couscous and Rfissa were on the menu according to the request of all tables. Each table hosted 6 to 10 people for a friendly meal and a jovial discussion.



Several traditional stands were installed near SIDI ISSA’s tomb. Each one was selling the typical Moussem’s merchandise, from colorful candies to vintage objects.

A stage was prepared to pay respect to people who participated in The Green March and to welcome local musical performances.

Once done with our tour beside Mister Youssef Assemahli, we joined the TBOURIDA. Also knows as Horses Fantasia, Tbourida is one relevant part of any Moussem and an inevitable side of the Moroccan Equestrian memoir.



It is precisely this second when I felt that I have to release a new photography project. I have never jumped into a photography project without planning and working the preproduction, but yesterday’s adrenaline took me out of my comfort zone.

My subject was in front of me, so I could only plan my shots in parallel with taking them. My mind was inexplicable like a mathematician’s board, and my heartbeat was louder than the gallop of the horses. Capturing moments of riffle shots of men riding their horses is probably the riskiest close-ups I have ever taken.



I’m thankful for each instant of this Moussem and proud of each young Moroccan who engaged in this activity. I covered this event with a heart overflowing of emotions because it inspired me in an unexpectable way.

My endless respect for the work of Mister Youssef Assemahli. Classy Addiction‘s full support to individuals who take action to contribute to a better society by joining meaningful associations.



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