Hello Classy People,

The Fashion industry has not been the same since the appearance of COVID-19 because it has an essential side that can only elevate by meeting people during events and gatherings.

Not allowing groups of people to meet to preserve reaching a high number of contaminations has affected so many Fashion events, especially the legendary FASHION WEEKS!

Despite all these downs, the Fashion community has decided to try its best to pull out the bright side of the situation.
From many inspiring solutions, we loved everything about Olivier Rousteing‘s concept while revealing his SS21 collection.



He organized the Balmain Fashion show without missing out on any guest. Olivier booked all the seats for both physical and virtual attendance, so his guests were allowed to follow whether it’s from Paris or any other part of the world.




His collection valued colors by introducing fluorescent pieces and cherishing memories by using Mister Balmain’s favorite pattern.
Olivier has expelled hopeless vibes by making the show vivid with colors, featuring models from different ages, and closing the show with two kids walking the ramp.

The kids didn’t only walk but turned off the screens, which prove that the next generation is not encouraging a virtual world.
Humans are naturally lovers of being social and touched, so may the Coronavirus situation end soon because no one seems to like the STAY AWAY FROM ONE ANOTHER Lifestyle.




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