Morning Classy People,

He got it in his heart, on his mind and all over his hands! Styling was always Berker’s favorite lover, he would always look at different people adopting a certain look and think that he could have pulled out a better style.

 He believes that the key for good styling is to not be afraid of pushing the limits, do not seek copying because it will stop uniqueness and do not be boring PLEASE!

We must say that the common majority look alike because they don’t really invest in having a style, that’s why it is always a good idea to hire a stylist! Berker has a message and he makes sure to spread it in each work he does.


“Istanbul is a massive city with so many talented people. Unfortunately, there are not many platforms in Istanbul for artists to show their creative works without any limitation. So we create our own opportunity and do international projects with people in the entire world. This shows the world how many talented people we have.” Says Berker.

He is referring to the work he did for the last past few years, from magazines to music video clips. Berker is also known as the king of Tumblr because of his successful account that is more than 5 years old now.

Berker explains that Fashion in Turkey used to bore him to death, but not so long ago some designers started to show up on the surface and the excitement started to rise up! Turkey is between Europe and the Middle East, so he sees different cultures every day which inspires him to be more provocative in his choices.

Not anyone can be a stylist, clarifies Berker. A stylist needs to have a taste, be open to the level to know everything about anything and work very hard. One editorial takes a minimum of 12 hours of intense work, and each editorial means a different team and a different story.


Last but not least: “Why be a Stylist while you can be Beyoncé”?






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