Hello Classy People,

Blue jeans have been women’s favorite pieces whenever it comes to a practical casual outfit.
Fashion history witnessed women wearing their fathers, brothers, and husbands jeans years ago, so brands were motivated to create special ones for them.

Blue jeans were women’s good friends since the 19th century, hence why are they giving up on them slowly nowadays?



Levi Strauss & Co is registered as the first brand to create blue jeans for women, and consequently, others followed. The female consumer was satisfied, which inspired brands to create different types and colors.
The evolution of blue jeans is unbelievable. Women loved them so much to the point of buying ripped ones!
The 20th-century testifies that there is nearly no woman who hasn’t blue jeans in her closet.



Blue jeans were living happily until the nude trend hits hard! It was in 2018 after the pastel wave, when different fashion designers didn’t touch denim. They have thought of naked bodies and flesh colors, so they have created pieces inspired by each woman’s skin tone.

Massive productions as commercial brands look up to fashion designers to give homework facing their factory’s workforces. That’s why in 2019, your eyes saw colors resembling your skin tone on the clothing store’s hangers.



Classy Addiction predicts that 2020 will invite women to shop for different pants instead of blue jeans. Women today from different social classes are interested in Fashion, and the majority don’t approve of the evolution of blue jeans.

Blue jeans will stay in the closet in case, but it is time to invest in pants made by other fabrics!



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