Hello Classy People,

She stepped into the digital world years ago as a blogger. Following her desire to write in french about whatever she observes and attracts her attention, Asmaa El Arabi created THE TBERGUIG.

Asmaa has been writing articles that could only be understood by a specific crowd of people, so she began uploading humor videos to talk about various topics.



Quick gain, Moroccan people started to follow her and check out her content. Asmaa became inactive as a blogger and focused on exploring her talent as a humorist.
Whether it was writing articles or playing in front of the camera, Asmaa’s content is intellectual and produced with a purpose.


This young Moroccan woman had the great idea of creating several characters inspired by Moroccan society, to criticize and caricature particular situations.
Asmaa has succeeded in attracting a massive number of people to become followers of her content.

We definitely would like to see her in a ONE WOMAN SHOW one day, because she has the potential of owning a brilliant humorist’s career.


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