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Skincare is our number ONE obsession when it comes to beauty routines because we believe it’s the base to healthy-looking and any makeup look.

Applying makeup or staying bared face are equally seeking the importance of having a skincare routine to maintain obtaining excellent results.
We love discovering and following profiles that provide knowledge gaining content and then introduce them in Classy Addiction.



Cassandra Bankson has caught our attention while reviewing Kourtney Kardashian Nighttime Skincare Routine.
We must admit that Kourtney belongs to our list of celebrities who owns credibility when it comes to beauty and lifestyle tips. We love how she digs under heavy stones purchasing pieces of advice from dermatologists regularly and testing the product before posing next to it in an Instagram post.

So we were curious to see what Cassandra has to say, who is, on the other hand, the American next door girl who has suffered from skin breakouts and cystic acne for more than a decade.



Not only many teenagers relate to Cassandra’s journey, but also adults.
She has genuinely been sharing her experience with considerable transparency regarding her ups and downs, so it was instructive to watch her content for the past six months.

Cassandra has seen over twenty-four dermatologists and followed all the possible medications and routines to obtain clear-healthy skin, yet, she has never been satisfied until she dedicated herself and invested in the journey of discovering her treatment.



Her journey is inspiring and empowering, so you want to discover it by checking out her YouTube Channel.
Today, she is a skincare expert who reviews the trendiest skincare routine on the internet, so she can help the millions of followers who might damage their skin because of a faux-pas.

Her take on beauty routines posted by influencers and celebrities is severe because she is aware of the trick of marketing and how it uses people’s weakness to buy products at the expense of their health.
Cassandra is always extremely emotional in her videos, which comes from her concerns about saving unaware minds from believing whatever is sponsored on social media by the beauty industry.



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