Hello Classy People,

It is with a heart full of emotions and mixed feelings that we are announcing that two legends of Cinema have left this world.
They have assuredly built their careers in Bollywood, but their work extended to reach hearts all over the world.

They have been artists in their hearts and souls, which is strongly missing in today’s profiles.
Mister Irrfan Khan and Mister Rishi Kapoor gave their last breath nearly a day apart from each other, which was difficult for their colleagues and the entire Indian film fraternity.



The fact of their passing away during this unfortunate circumstance is destroying. Only a few numbers of their loved ones could say their goodbyes and assist to the funerals.
No one except close family members could be present, which is saddening people who love them, including their large number of fans.

Fly free lovely men, and shall strength and love to tighten your families. Thank you for being true to yourselves, for delivering incredible characters through the screen, and for helping us discover more of our emotions from your movies.



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