Hello Classy People,

Many of you got to know more of your favorite celebrity’s private life while in quarantine. You have been following their videos from their homes while sharing their daily routines, and you became closer to their personal space more than ever.

You have indeed learned surprising facts about some, and funny truths about others, but most importantly, you have observed their accuracy of equaling ordinary people, living usual life situations.

From many international celebrities, we have spotted one of our favorites: Mrs. EVA JACQUELINE LONGORIA BASTON.


Eva has shown her grey hair for the first time to share a beauty tip, and everything about it felt familiar, friendly, and natural.

She has been a L’Oréal Paris ambassador for many years now and has proved many times that she uses their products because they satisfy her.
Eva is not only promoting L’Oréal Paris products because she is one of the faces of the brand but because they answer her cosmetic needs.



Giving her the beauty results she is always looking for, L’Oréal Paris products have been accompanying Eva in quarantine. She has demonstrated how she dyes her grey hair roots in the most candid video any celebrity could ever share.

We love everything about the video, including promoting the root coverup spray from L’Oréal Paris because it is indeed one great product.



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