Hello Classy People,

As the sun rises or sets, the conversations all over the world are quite similar at the moment.
Global warming was only a matter of associations and ecologists years ago, but today everyone seems to be concerned.

Besides the change in the time of the seasons, planet earth is nearly unrecognizable by creatures living in it. From excessive pollution to the continuous activities of producing what’s harmful, the world is presently speaking of suspending traveling by plane in 2030.





In the middle of this loop, some people are starting to act on their own instead of waiting. Governments will only approve of eco-friendly laws if a party of ecologists gains some ruling seats in the parliament. Otherwise, we will only keep hearing that a budget is aside to buy bicycles.

From all the concrete initiatives that we saw this year, we tend to appreciate COIFFEURS JUSTES more. An association approaching hairdressers to preserve 50% of their dustbin to collaborate in CLEANING THE PLANET.



Hairdresser’s dustbins are mainly a compound of their client’s hair, so instead of throwing it in the trash, COIFFEURS JUSTES ASSOCIATION asks them to send it to them.
Hair, an organic material, also has advantages for other sectors, is thus transformed into hair bundles installed in polluted water to adsorb the hydrocarbons. Experiments are underway in certain ports in the Var, including the port of Cavalaire-sur-Mer, in France.



Thierry Gras as the head of this mouvement, invites every interested person to be part of it to obtain more relevant results. All the details are clearly demonstrated on the COIFFEURS JUSTES ASSOCIATION WEBSITE, so make sure you share and resuest your any hairdress you know to participate.



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