Hello Classy People,

Knocking on the doors of summer, it became hard for so many people to stay at home.
The Coronavirus situation has no deadline, which is confusing international governments and not giving them the ultimate power to reassure people.

The end of the lockdown is no longer a government’s decision, as we saw in citizens who didn’t go out despite their governments allowing them to.


COVID-19 is still living with us. It is still as contagious and fast as the first day, but the world will not deal with it in the same way.
More than 300.000 people from nearly 5 million are dead worldwide in 5 months due to the Coronavirus, which is logically speaking not as scary as numbers related to other diseases.


Media is the most dominant influence in the world, and it decided to highlight CORONAVIRUS every day since its apparition, which led everything and everyone to adjust a new lifestyle.
Be prepared to welcome the new versions of all the products in the market with new notices like ANTIBACTERIAL and else.

We will all probably have to live with the precautions for a long time and believe that the new lifestyle each one has adopted is not temporary.


International traveling will probably not be as active as before the Coronavirus situation. Whether it is calling immigrants to broaden the population, or attracting tourists, each country is indeed in desperate need for foreigners to invest in it.

The world is now ready to live with the VIRUS because it couldn’t eliminate it. So, each country will now work on its new habits and laws, see the effects, and then make further decisions according to them.







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