Hi Classy People,

We are heading to GLORIA JEAN’S COFFEES as a group of friends who have just finished exams.
It was a long day at the university, we have been in our faculties for the entire day. I don’t know about everyone, but I had my lunch at the cafeteria because of the lack of time between classes.

Anyways, the sun is setting, and we are all after some cheerful drinks and snacks.



I don’t like when people compare GLORIA JEAN’S COFFEES to STARBUCKS because they are totally different.
Each company has its menu and they both manage to provide amazing drinks.

We are welcoming spring soon, but Cyprus is still a bit attached to the cold weather. Some hot bevarages in a the corner will work perfectly for us, but i still think that i will go for an additional snack because they have good stuff.



GLORIA JEAN’S COFFEES is one trendy spots for university students in Cyprus, there is absolutly no one who hasn’t come here.
This place became a signature because of its localisation in the middle of the main bouleverad of Famagousta, and its warm vibes from the decoration to the music.

This address is certainly one of my favourites, and i’m sure that i will miss it when leaving Cyprus.



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