Hello Classy People,

The media highlights an illness or a virus every once in a while, and Coronavirus is one of them.
It is contagious and can cause death, so it was spread very fast since its apparition and provoked worldwide fear.
It didn’t only generate the loss of many lives, but it also affected nearly every country’s economy.

People from the Fashion industry have been aware of the precautions stated by the World Health Organization, and have decided to turn on the engine of the economy in style.

Top Model Naomi Campbell has shared her outfit at the airport, expressing safety first, next level.
She is not wrong because airports are one of the most active factors of spreading the virus, therefore a hazmat suit can be the best outfit option.
Coronavirus is not a reason to pause work, so Naomi is determined to pursue her professional activities.



Historical books have always stated two types of people, the ones who hide until destiny decides for them and others who wear a helmet to step into a battlefield.

Aesthetics is a significant world in the Fashion industry, so designers have not wasted any time to create new articles inspired by contemporary events.
People now make the street look like hospitals corridors, so investing in something beautiful to look at can only psychologically help.
Fashion designers want people to cheer up during such hard times. Marine Serre introduced her collection during Paris Fashion week, and stylish people are falling in love.



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