Good Morning Classy People,

Karima is coming for the weekend along with cousin Wissal, so I had to think about something unusual.
Girls living in Rabat have already checked out every traditional hangout plan possible, from having a coffee in a chic place to walking through a commercial center’s halls.

I wanted to give them an El Jadida vibe because it’s surely different than the capital.
So, I picked a journey on a zodiac boat as a nontraditional hangout plan!



The girls were surprised, excited, and a bit nervous. We got our summer outfit on and we reached our appointment with the boat’s owner.
Everything was delightful for our five sens, the image of the sun’s reflecting on the ocean was one dreamy one.

We have kept our phones away and focused on the different views of the city we had the chance to see from the ocean.
We talked, laughed, and used my camera for lots of pictures.



The end of our journey was enjoying a ride by the coast and devouring the delicious food made by mum.

Our skin got tanned, our batteries were off, so we slept at 8 pm like babies. Karima and Wissal were thrilled, and I was happy that they could hold this memory about El Jadida forever.



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