Greetings Classy People,

It is with tears and hearts full of love that Jewish and Muslim Moroccans hugged each other at the Atlantic Andalusia Festival of Essaouira.

This 16th edition welcomed a massive number of attendances from all over the world, which excellently reflected the spirit of diversity.

Created by Essaouira Mogador Association and organized with different partners, the program of the 16th Atlantic Andalusia Festival touched Dar Souiri, Bayt Dakira, Zaouia Qadiria, and Place El Minzeh with rich knowledge and moments of unforgettable sharing.

The saved dates for the 2019 agenda were from the 31st of October to the 3rd of November. Each day was different than the other by its content similar through faith and love.

Essaouira succeeded in restraining her wind, to preserve people’s emotions from flying away. My preplanned schedule could only mark my attendance from the 2nd day, but I purely made sure to live each moment fully.

Each Moroccan can only be proud of the history and culture witnessed by the land. Each Moroccan should understand that this country’s identity is beyond individual differences and that our strength as a nation is manifested in our diversity.

Responding to the invitation of the Essaouira Mogador Association by attending the 16th Atlantic Andalusia Festival of Essaouira was one of my best 2019 decisions.

It was my first time discovering the greatness of this event and certainly not the last, so grace your 2020 agenda by booking yourself for the 17th edition.


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