Hello Classy People,

Morocco is welcoming intellectual and cultural addresses all over the kingdom more and more, which is a sincere blessing to everybody.
Gaining knowledge and being open to diversity is one of the most priceless reasons behind a nation’s growth.

I was honored to be invited last year to the Atlantic Andalusia Festival of Essaouira and be one of the people visiting BAYT DAKIRA before its public opening.
BAYT DAKIRA means HOUSE OF THE MEMORY, a museum of visuals and objects from Moroccan history, especially Judeo-Moroccan culture.

From an ancient riad to a place holding a library, a space for events, exhibition walls, and a synagogue, BAYT DAKIRA is another flourishing building of the Mellah Essaouira.

I was thrilled spending almost half a day reading and discovering each corner of such an inspiring building. It felt like traveling inside the head of different Moroccans and touching a glimpse of our most significant wealth: Diversity.
Each detail of BAYT DAKIRA is celebrating the multicultural history of Morocco and the different origins of Moroccans.




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