Greetings Classy People,

This year’s health crisis related to the coronavirus has affected events worldwide, including one of the best Moroccan Festivals.
The Atlantic Andalusia Festival of Essaouira is usually taking place every November, but not this year.


From canceling this year’s edition to working on organizing a virtual one, the team of ASSOCIATION ESSAOUIRA MOGADOR went through a roller coaster of decision making.
They finally opted for a virtual edition so as not to skip a year.

We are notably thrilled to know that there will be a festival after all and that we will be able to participate from home.
A joyful feeling to be aware of our traditional schedule and the priceless consciousness of carrying on living by creating moments of happiness no matter how negatively stuffed is the cloud passing.



From the 13th to the 16th of December, you are welcome to join by CLICKING HERE.
Let’s all be another reason to celebrate Art, Culture, and Diversity.




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