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Acne is still the most popular skin condition that is touching nearly everyone in this world. Many factors provoke it, and it’s complicated to limit them all in one list, so it’s wiser to focus on both inside and outside ones to prevent maximum damage.

From the nutrition to the hormonal states, acne on your face is telling you its reasons.
Being aware of the origin of your skin’s breakout will help you treat it better, so don’t buy random products before a valid diagnosis.


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FOREHEAD: Cut out junk food and eat healthier meals, sleep eight hours minimum, and work on your digestion.

BETWEEN EYEBROWS: Eat red fruits, drink tea, and stay away from alcohol.

CHEEKS: Practice breathing exercises, drink water, and enrich your nutrition with Omega-3.

NOSE: Cut out spicy aliments, have some dark chocolate, and practice physical exercises.

SIDES OF CHIN: Cut out sugar, reduce caffeine consummation, and meditate to reduce stress.

CENTER OF CHIN: Include probiotics and soluble fibers in your nutrition, consume vegetables, and respect the times of your meals.



FOREHEAD: Use a cleanser, a toner, and a sunblock to get rid of the sweat and external impurities.

BETWEEN EYEBROWS: Exfoliate and scrub. The growth of hair in this area causes breakouts.

CHEEKS: Change your pillowcase and don’t let it settle on your bed for more than three days, clean your phone.

NOSE: Reduce the excess of sebum by massaging the area with a mixture of brown sugar and honey.

SIDES OF CHIN: Massage the area with an ice cube and apply a slice of lemon on it before going to sleep.

CENTER OF CHIN: Apply tea tree oil on each acne using a cotton swab.






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