Hello Classy People,

A flagrant movement is transmitted because Samira Mahboub is spreading awareness about ethics in Fashion.
Fashion is an artistic field, and inspiration is one of its pillars but, money along with the business minds have stepped on so many values, and no one seems to reckon them.


Our today’s story starts in Morocco, the African country that has made the entire world fall in love with its arts and crafts. From Moroccan decorations to Moroccan Fashion, houses and people from other nations own at least one piece.
Whether it’s a rug or a caftan, a piece made in and from Morocco is with no doubt available in each one’s environment, so it’s the beauty of Moroccan Fashion.

But Moroccan Fashion is considered traditional because the makers are called craftswomen and craftsmen, not designers. Such connotation is creating a slide difference in the Fashion world related to business but does it allow Fashion designers to take crafter’s work and sell it under their names?


Reclaiming heritage and fighting cultural plagiarism is what Samira Mahboub highlighted all over social media after being motivated by Boutaina Azzabi‘s LBALGHA.

Lbalgha is a traditional Moroccan Footwear that has been taken by several Eastern designers and brands and sold expensive for the past decade.
The Fashion industry is silencing the matter and not opening the debate to discuss the ethical side of the situation. Therefore, some Moroccan profiles, such as Samira Mahboub, are using their public figure to highlight the subject as much as they can.



Today that the Fashion industry is slightly back on its feet regarding the shaky situation of COVID-19, will it pay attention to this topic? Will VOGUE say a word, and will debate take over upcoming Fashion Weeks?



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