Hello Classy People,

Feminity has always been stronger than feminism. The way of a woman owning her soul, body, and mind and the moments she finds herself related to by choosing to be the queen and the slave whenever she pleases.

Modern societies talk about women’s freedom and how a woman has been a poor creature during patriarchy, but we find it gorgeous to highlight the opposite.


Far away from crowds, we have settled our luggage inside a female mindset. A world full of men, and yet one woman can swipe all of them off their feet.
Her swinging hips, her shy smile, and her hand helping the wind to clear her hair out of her face are feminine details to drive any woman to a land where any power such patriarchy is considered weak.



Soad Hosny, Marilyn Monroe, Rekha, and many other names that media have only been linking with beauty and glamour are actually related to more glorious power.

Dorothy Dandridge, Monica Belluci, Vikki Dougan, Audrey Hepburn, and the list is so long that we can’t call these women an exception.
They have been the majority. We believe many other women carried themselves with the same energy but weren’t in the spotlight.



Modern societies have strangely installed the mindset of feminism on a new page.
A page that says to stop using women in commercials because they feed men’s hunger, to convincing women to pay 50% of the bills to prove their strength and independence, and to encourage them to have several sexual intercourses with different men under the name of equality is threatening.



Looking back at history, we start to see that women had more power and presence before modern societies.
It’s beyond the right to vote, the right to have an account at the bank, or any other right given by men and celebrated by women.



Feminity is beyond any systematic sexism or a rule approved by any law. Feminity comes within the body of a woman, it’s an invisible power felt when she stares, and she touches.
She is charming, whether she is a queen or a slave because she is a woman.
She creates a parallel world within the one we live in, and she has the intensity to guide lives around her without necessarily occupying a specific position or status.

Long story short, the different meanings of feminity are living in each woman’s heart, but some refuse to explore them over the years, which leads to diversified results today.



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