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FENTY BEAUTY might be the only success story of a celebrity in the entertainment concerning a makeup brand.
Rihanna has equally succeeded in both her singing and her businesswoman career, which is quite rare for her colleagues.

As the entire world has witnessed in the past few years, nearly every singer, actress, reality Tv star has launched a brand. Whether it’s makeup or clothes, they have suddenly followed the movement of stepping into the business of sales.


It has been a disastrous decision for the majority, but not for Rihanna.
Fenty Beauty is all about various quality makeup products at affordable prices, so it answers the needs of the bulk of consumers.



Rihanna has invested her all to build Fenty Beauty, from the foundation to the purpose of each financial gain.
She took her time to study the market with her team, and she has personally supervised the source of each item.

She has taken the right decision choosing makeup because the audience is always wondering about the products she uses to pull out different looks in her video clips, tv interviews, red carpet appearances, and also in her daily life.
Rihanna’s face has always been a flawless canvas for makeup, so she acknowledged the point over the years by creating Fenty beauty.


The financial gains of her business play a huge part in the Clara Lionel Foundation, a humanitarian platform under the name of her grandparents to support associative work.
Rihana was always known for social work and her engagement with charities, so it was no surprise to connect her business to good causes.


The world misses Rihanna as a singer because she hasn’t been eventful like she used to be, but we do love the way she is carrying her life and giving each new path its deserving years.

Fenty Beauty is one of our cosmetics crushes, and we strongly recommend you having at least one of their products in your makeup bag.









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