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Desirable by many hearts and bring tears to many eyes, flowers were born less than 150 million years ago. Botanists might see it as a flowering plant, but many of you see it as the reason behind a smile, a hug, or a kiss.

Flowers started somewhere on earth and then covered the entire planet with colors. People generally pick up flowers to decorate their spaces or present them as a gift, which inspired some profiles to create businesses.

Buying flowers is an international habit. People from everywhere are adopting the culture of buying flowers, which inspired Classy Addiction to introduce the following facts:


Lilies and Roses are the top seductive type of flowers. People tend to buy them more because of their popularity in cinema, especially red roses.


The etiquette of flowers is a real concern. Each occasion is famous for welcoming a certain kind of flowers arranged in a certain way.


Gifting a bouquet is indeed a romantic gesture. A man usually gives a woman a rose or a bouquet to express his love and admiration. A European man would hold his bouquet upside down while walking to present it to his lady to preserve the flowers and be discreet, while other men would carry it in a showing off manner.


PHOTO CREDIT : Valeria Boltneva

A wedding bouquet is the source of entertainement. The bride turns her back on bridesmaids and singles women guests, so she can spontaneously throw the bouquet towards them. The one who grabs it is considered as the lucky next one to be married.


Always make sure you select carefully the bouquet you want to send to someone. The world of flowers is coded, so you want to determine the difference between the GET WELL SOON bouquet and the I LOVE YOU one.







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