Bonjour Classy People!

        If you are a follower of Classy Addiction, you know that this beauty post is about Forever Flawless – DIAMOND INFUSED SKINCARE – 

         I was introduced to the brand at Anfa Place Casablanca and I’m having a heavy crush on it. I currently have three Forever Flawless products that I’m willing to review and share with you.




Facial Peeling Gel to be applied once a week for a month, then once a month.

This peeling gel will remove whatever impurities your skin is holding.

Feel your baby skin again, silky and soft.




BRILLIANCE- Luxurious Body Scrub to be applied once a week.

This magical potion not only removes your body’s dead skin, but it also reduces the cellulite and keeps your skin smooth.




This Hand & Body Lotion to be applied to hydrate and moisturize.

This product comes with other nail care products that I will be reviewing separately.


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