Good Morning Classy People,

Bravo to people who move their bodies every day and Hello to those who are still writing « To start working out » in their new year’s resolutions.

Stuck to several reasons and excuses for years, some people strengthen their laziness by neglecting taking care of their bodies. The saddest part about their decision is their regrets and grief after taking it.


Classy Addiction thought about a solution that will hopefully help a group of people whose excuses are:

  • I don’t have time to go to the gym.
  • The gym is too far from my home.
  • I can’t move a finger without a personal trainer.
  • It’s cold.
  • I rather stay in my bed.

Jump and clap if you recognized yourself in the list of excuses because we have your ideal prescription. The list of exercises we are about to share is possible on your bed. 

Getting fit without having to leave the bed is probably something you googled before, so embrace this content and make it your daily mantra. 


Start with the LEGS, it will help you to not give up quickly on the entire workout! This Emi Wong video is a 15 mins workout of 15 exercises to do EVERY DAY. Emi has numerous nice working out videos, especially bed-related but we think they are not as good as the LEGS WORKOUT one.



Move to your ABS and BOTTOM. We chose Tracy Campoli‘s video for ABS exercises because she has ABS herself and shows you the possible workouts in bed to build them. Abigail Ekweghi‘s video has the right exercises to lift and tone the butt without putting crazy efforts into them.



Ending up your workout with one of our favorite fitness YouTubers, CASSY HO, we have been following Cassy’s channel for years now, and we saw the evolution of every muscle of her body!
Please be sitting on your bed and follow her ARMS exercises, and then relax to end up your workout following her stretching.


The entire workout should take from 30 to 40 mins of your time, so listen to your mood and choose to start after waking up or before sleeping.




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