Hello Classy People,

The beauty industry serves each body detail incredibly. The world witnessed a significant growth of nail bars, from utilizing a simple nail polish to using gel and applying designs.
Nails are undoubtedly one of the primary details of the beauty industry, but women are less attracted by spectacular nail art.
Ten years ago, women were excited because it was something new and different, but now they are more determined towards simplicity.


Today, long gel nails and designs from nail art are not applied as much as a decade ago. Women are back to the one color nails, including, of course, the usage of new techniques such as UV gel nail polishes.
The choice of colors changes according to the seasons, then keeping an eye on the trends might be helpful.
This 2019 Spring trend had us feeling stomach butterflies, and we wish it to last forever. Apart from its simplicity, this trend is helping us discover more color shades.


This trend is practical because it enables you to do your nails by yourself. The purpose is not to apply a different color to each nail but to apply a different shade of one color to each nail.







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