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Hot water with lemon is one of the miraculous drinks you can have daily. It is easy to make and has uncountable benefits related to it.
You might have heard all the positive sides of this drink, maybe you have tried it, but you still can’t feel its greatness.

It is primary to understand that feeling the results of anything, generally, takes time and perseverance.
So, be patient while adopting any new habit to treat yourself to witness satisfying results.


Courtesy: Lukas Blazek

The making of this drink is with boiled water and between three to six medium slices of lemons. Pour everything into a mug.
Make sure you respect the dosage and only add fresh slices of lemon. Otherwise, you will not be able to gain the necessary goods.

Do not be chaotic by drinking too many mugs a day whenever you feel like it.
Be aware of not having more than two mugs in a day, one in the morning and the other at night.


Drinking this miraculous drink before your breakfast will detoxify your body, which means better digestion, a flat belly, and a healthy weight loss.

It is a blessing for the skin because it is a source of hydration that provides Vitamin C and maintains PH balance.

The mug you will have at night will prevent you from having a common cold since the body temperature decreases while sleeping, and it will give you a fresh breath when waking up.

With all these interests, you should also be aware that this miraculous drink is one of the best cleansers for your organs, such as your liver and kidney. It also aids your immune system to stay solid by working as one of the most efficient antibacterial remedies.








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