Hello Classy People,

I woke up from a beautiful dream to face a horrible nightmare a week ago. It was a calm summer night, I have applied my night skincare routine, then went to sleep to wake up to a glowy result as usual.

I have even taken « extra » care of my skin because I saw three cystic acne emerging on my left cheek.
I usually apply a small amount of tea tree oil on each acne before going to sleep, but my cheek’s state encouraged me to use more and cover it all night.


Tea tree oil has been one of my favorite products all year, it responds so well to treat my skin, and it has never provoked any side effect.
That night I have misused it, so the result was to wake up with a burned cheek.

I had around five minutes of drama in front of the mirror, and then my thinking brain started to find solutions for my feeling brain.
I allowed cooling water to flow on my cheek for approximately twenty minutes, then applied a thick layer of BIAFINE on it.


I have washed my face after the sunset and apply a layer of chlorophyll powder before going to sleep. It has been two years that my mum has been using it for many purposes, such as healing a skin burn.

I woke up the next day, washed my face, and noticed that the epidermis is dry, so I have applied aloe vera gel for 30 minutes and then applied chlorophyll powder.
I washed my face after sunset, applied CICAPLAST GEL B5 from La Roche-Posay, and then went to sleep.


I have been respecting those steps all week with the detail of using URIAGE Crème Extrême SPF 90 on day 5 when I wanted to go out.

This incident reminded me that no matter how the product is suitable and beneficial for the skin, it can always damage it if we misuse it.



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