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Travel Vloggers and YouTubers are very popular in the world because their audience is international, their content attracts different ages, and their authenticity is more honest than TV content.


Nusseir Yassin as known as NAS DAILY, is the first video creator to be internationally famous for documenting trips and uploading them online.
He started in his early twenties and created the concept of a 1-minute video on Facebook where he highlights a country, a tribe, a city, or a culture.

Nusseir’s fundamental thoughts about a specific area didn’t stop him carry his backpack and camera to explore and gain new opinions.
He went to popular and unpopular destinations because he was always seeking a personal experience.


Nusseir grew up through his traveling and his making of videos, so his followers became numerous every single day.
NAS DAILY content has also inspired so many other Travel Youtubers, who might not cite it, but their videos scream it.

After so many years of being a monopoly of traveling videos online because there were no opponents in his level, NAS DAILY is now not the only one successful in the game.


Other profiles emerged progressively over the recent past years, and travel videos have never been as satisfying as today!
Diversity is the ultimate satisfaction, and integrating it is the best gift any field can offer its audience.

From the new famous list of profiles that are the top of travel content creators, we would love to introduce Drew Binsky, PPPETER, Indigo TravellerJason Billam Travel,  and Peter Santenello.

What’s a TOP TRAVEL CONTENT CREATOR, and on which criteria we are basing?

N°1: The video creator needs to be international, which means using English as the principal language while communicating content to the audience.

N°2: The visuals need to be as close to reality as possible, which means shooting from different angles, subjectivity while editing, and not applying the overdo aesthetic filters.

N°3: Enough visiting the countries of the popular list!

The audience is not tired of popular destinations, but they are so familiar with them to the point of not clicking to watch a traveler’s content.

If you want to stand out from the majority and be the top video travel creator, you want to check this list of the top 10 countries to visit:

  • West Africa Road Trip.
  • Iraq
  • North Korea
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan
  • Libya
  • Syria
  • Yemen
  • Nauru
  • Kashmir

This list is probably introducing the least promoted countries to visit by the media, so a travel video creator will have interesting content to build and serve it to the audience who will be impatiently waiting to click on PLAY.








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