Hello Classy People,

Bohemian style is a summer highlight, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not appreciated during winter. The fashion industry always serves winter items that can reflect people who adopt the bohemian style.

The Bohemian style screams freedom and ease. The clothes to pick should be loose, so here are Classy Addiction‘s favorite choices.


Patterned long coats and cardigans are the first items to hang in a bohemian closet. This item is so dominant on the look, which helps your outfit to stand out.


Boots are the second most important items to pull out a bohemian look during winter. The fashion industry mainly makes them from suede fabric, which is not practical during snowy and rainy days. That’s why we highly recommend boots that are built of leather.


Three accessories are ideally able to convert a neutral look to a bohemian identity. A turban hat, a shawl, and a bag!
Whether you want to wear them separately or together with a one-color outfit, they will make a difference.











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