Hello Classy People,

I don’t know about you, but I’m a natural-born collector. I love keeping things in general and it’s very hard for me to give up old stuff. Maybe that’s the reason behind people thinking that I have too many clothes in my closet, even if I still think I have nothing to wear. But I’ve been working on this attitude and I’m doing much better than the old me.

One of the methods for change comes with closet cleaning and organizing, something I usually do once a year, during Springtime. It actually helps me, so I hope it will help you too. Just follow these few steps and rules.


Start by dividing your Winter and Summer clothes separately into three categories. To make it easier, get card boxes and start separating the items. In Box No.1, put the items you never really wore, in Box No.2, put the items you occasionally wear and finally in Box No. 3, the items you wear way too much.


Now you have three boxes full of clothes for Winter and Summer. For each season, keep Box No. 1, the one with all the brand new items. The reason why they remained untouched inside your closet for so long is that they are probably incomplete (you have an amazing skirt, but you don’t have the adequate shoes or top to match it). Write down the missing items and complete your looks from this box.


For Box No. 2, take a second look at all the pieces. You will probably end up giving up the majority of the items because those kinds of clothes are usually bought the day before a special event so you end up wearing them once for a specific event and that’s it.


Inside box 3, probably most of the pieces are worn out and somewhat damaged. Give up the items in this box and give new pieces a chance. Start fresh!



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