Hello Classy People,

A beautiful artistic action started trending last year, and some people are enjoying discovering it now while in quarantine.
THE CASTING KIT allows anyone to create a sculpture by using the necessary material and following the most elementary introductions.

The majority tend to do it with family members by gathering all their hands together, which is a sweet valuable memory that one can keep for years and pass it on to the next generations.


Our hearts have melted with each family video creating their piece of art, but we must admit that Farah Khan‘s wedding gift for Deepika and Ranveer is our all-time favorite.

A sculpture of a couple’s hands holding each other is indescribable. It is indeed one precious piece for their home’s interior decoration, and a visual reminder of their love.


The lack of time doesn’t exist in quarantine, so embrace the artist in you and explore more skills. You can paint your masterpiece, so you have an additional artistic activity to keep you busy.
Maybe you’ll enjoy your time creating more artistic pieces, and you might be talented enough to produce a collection and make a living out of it.
Time in quarantine is all about discovering the self and changing vocations by readjusting life priorities.

You can order the CASTING KIT online from several sources, so cheer up by occupying yourself or surprising a loved one by an unexpected delivery.








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