Hello Classy People,

Makeup is available in nearly every home because it doesn’t look like an option for women anymore.
Makeup is one strong pillar of the beauty industry and almost a necessity in each woman’s belongings, but a few wonder of its origins.
From Cleopatra to else, the origin of makeup is ancient and was phenomenally developed.


Women from the East were the majority of creating and using makeup. They extract it from different natural sources and go through many steps to obtain a particular product.
From focusing on pigmentation to finding a specific texture, makeup made from natural ingredients was a work of days and weeks.

Organic products are slowly coming back to the surface after several consumers have decided to stay away from any chemical combinations, so some women are today able to make their makeup products at home. Kavya Sridhar is one of these women.


Kavya wasn’t only content with creating her makeup products at home but also helping other women to do so by sharing the formulas and ways on her youtube channel.
We have followed her content during 2020, and we thought it is worth sharing for sure.



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