Hello Classy People,

Brown skin has been symbolizing a beauty fantasy around the world because it’s exotic and dreamy, so how to always enhance and maintain it for a lasting glow?

Shades of brown, bronze, and gold are everyone’s skin during the summertime. The skin looks healthy and glowy when it’s hit by a great tan and receives excellent care, so embrace our following tips and SHINE!!!


  • Drink a glass of carrot juice every day.

  • Apply a VITAMIN C serum on your face before going to sleep.

  • Scrub your face once every four days using one big spoon of sugar and one big spoon of coffee.

  • Apply a mixture of Henna and lemon juice on your body once a week.

  • Apply sunscreen on your face and body before any exposure to the sun.

  • Apply carrot oil on your body after showering.


I have applied this mantra in three different summers, and the results were always satisfying. I was often being stopped in the street by people wondering about my tan and if I sprayed a particular product.
My skin is originally brown, but it becomes more glowy and looks healthier while following the precise routine above.








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