Hello Classy People,

Channeling one of our favorite public figures in the world, we have so much to share. Anna Bey is one strong profile in the digital world by providing one of the best content on social media.

Anna is a master of etiquette, mainly the European one, and she created her online SCHOOL OF AFFLUENCE to give courses to women willing to be ladies.
Anna describes herself as the modern lady who is not an extremist like the ancient ladies, which means embracing the rules of etiquette with moderation.



She cares about her community of affluent ladies, so she has to be actively uploading videos on her YouTube channel for women who can’t afford her online classes or can’t follow because of their schedules.

Women around the world have more interest in Anna’s content day after another, especially when she demonstrates achieving affluent people’s level step by step.
She has been sharing the dress code of high society and how being financially wealthy doesn’t necessarily mean being classy.
Anna doesn’t support FAST-FASHION but understands that many women can only afford to buy from it, so she helps them choose what potentially can look like High-Fashion.



Her first video was about ZARA‘s clothes and which pieces don’t look cheap, and then she has followed up by a video about MANGO according to the requests of the audience.

Despite choosing some items from FAST-FASHION, Anna insists on saving money and invest in at least ONE PIECE A YEAR from HIGH-FASHION, primarily basics.



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