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We are aware of the level of weirdness related to Summer 2020, between cities done with the lockdown and the ones that are still closed, people don’t have proper summer energy.

Embrace the season by not letting the low energy of the world during its crises to pull your spirit down. Summer is bright and sunny, also your life right now if you want.

Protecting your hair during hot weather when the main activities are related to swimming is a priority.
Your hair has all the potential to be damaged in summer more than any other season, so be ready to welcome our pieces of advice.


AVOID THE SHOCK: You will mainly jump into a pool or a beach wave anytime during summer, so keep in mind to wet your hair before. Avoid clashing dry hair with salty water or else because it can damage your scalp and cause severe hair loss.


PROTECTION: Create a layer to protect your hair from the outside danger. You can apply a hair sunscreen if you mainly plan to tan, and a leave-in SPF conditional if you plan to swim more.


HYDRATION: Massage your scalp with coconut oil or Aloe Vera gel before going to sleep, in case you have spent the entire day swimming and tanning.


ADAPTABLE PRODUCTS: Make sure you use the shampoos that answer the state of your hair. Use a shampoo that doesn’t foam if you shower every day, and restorative one if the color of your hair is not natural.


NOTICE: Stay away from dying your hair during summer, the sun tends to break it fast, especially BLOND!!!
Try to conserve your natural color and control the urge of coloring because the sun and the water will do its work of giving you lovely summer hair highlights.








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