Greetings Classy People,

No art gallery can stay indifferent when a fresh European breeze transfixes the walls. The details of the work completed by an attractive signature are only able to make you take them with you.
Europe, known for the country of the bourgeoisie and fancy art for decades, is not capable of detaching from such a reputation.

Born in the hand of contemporary young German and Swedish artists, HUMANS SINCE 1982 is lucky to have Bastian Bischoff and Per Emanuelsson as parents.
We see it as one piece of the traditional elegant European Art puzzle, even tho it is modern and connected with technology.






Based in Stockholm, their studio is co-owned with Australian engineer David Cox, which demonstrates their open mind when it comes to international collaborations.
Their projects are mind-blowing and would faultlessly suit different interiors.

Their work has genuinely been present in worldwide exhibitions since 2008 and is mainly masculine minimalism, which attracts men of a certain caliber.

From Surveillance Light to The Tidal Series, it is almost impossible to determinate a collection less inspiring than the other. Their artwork is worth every penny anyone is ready to invest in interior design.



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