Hello Classy People,

Some of our favorite celebrities are still entertaining during this lockdown, which makes us fall in love with them all over again.
They have been a part of our quarantine because of the videos they share on social media, just the right amount of an enjoyable boost to forget a bit about the drama.

Our eyes were on Jacqueline Fernandez‘s videos, and our favorite is when she had a video call with Shaan Mu, who was leading her through some glam steps.



Jacqueline did her makeup impressively following Shaan’s directions, and we believe you can too.
A real simple tutorial is rarely made by a professional makeup artist or a beauty YouTuber, so Jacqueline is giving a golden opportunity.

From not having any brush and the right tools to the lack of other makeup products, many women will feel identified to Jacqueline. She has excellently applied her eyeshadow using a cotton swab, her contouring using her lipstick, and styled her hair using socks.

Chandini Whabi took over to style Jaqueline, and they managed to pull out delightful outfits from what’s available.
Artists can still be functional during quarantine because they breathe creativity.





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